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Author/Editor: George Ancona
ISBN: 0761450866
Year Published: 2001
Format: Hardcover 
Description: This photo-documentary focuses on the lives and work of Mexican migrant workers as they pick various crops on the West coast. Unfortunately, the impact of the text is weakened by its presentation. The narrative switches back and forth from the personal stories of the campesinos to information on the actual harvesting, at times abruptly. Readers learn of the workers' difficult lives and how, despite backbreaking labor and poor conditions, they take pride in what they do and struggle to help their families get ahead. Interspersed are first-person accounts by the workers. There is also a spread on organic farming and another on small local growers. The volume concludes with two pages on the life and work of Cesar Chavez. The full-color photographs are generally of high quality; some will make a lasting impression on readers. Some are too small to have full effect. With few titles for children on migrant workers and the harvesting they do, this one would be a good addition where there is a need.
From: School Library Journal
Edited by Julian Olivarges