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Hard Traveling: Migrant Farm Workers in America
Author/Editor: Tony Dunbar
ISBN: 0884102939
Year Published: 1976
Format: Hardcover 
Description: Migrant farm workers and their children face a multiplicity of problems directly connected with their migrant status: sub-standard housing, inadequate medical care, low wages, toxic pesticide exposure, and the oppressive effects of recruitment through paid contractors. Reaching beyond these specific problems, the authors discuss impacts of illegal immigration from Mexico, and the U.S. government’s failure to devise intelligent policies for immigration and/or elevation of the standard of living for migrants. Though current governmental policies create special spending programs, they are directed toward effects, not causes; the authors propose constructive governmental response, based on new policies toward immigration from Mexico, support of migrant efforts to organize unions, and improved educational and vocational opportunities for migrant workers. Written with Linda Kravitz.