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Migrant Farm Workers: A Caste of Despair
Author/Editor: Ronald L. Goldfarb
ISBN: 0813817900
Year Published: 1981
Format: Hardcover 
Description: “Here are Americans who toil in the fields from sunup to sundown so that the rest of us may eat vegetables and fruit. Here are Americans who shun welfare roles in favor of an insistent, earnest working initiative. Here are Americans whose hands are deeply calloused, whose backs are constantly bent because they choose to do sweaty, demanding work rather than trying one or another means of making a living, or, for that matter, trying to obtain money without working for it…”

“Here is a strongly worded, trenchant, discerning, fair-minded analysis of a major American social problem.” - from the Foreword by Robert Coles

“I find the book enormously impressive.” - Norman Cousins