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Colegio Cesar Chavez, 1973-1983 : A Chicano Struggle ...
Author/Editor: Carlos Saldivar Maldonado
ISBN: 0815336314
Year Published: 2000
Format: Hardcover 
Description: The Full Title is:
Colegio Cesar Chavez, 1973-1983 : A Chicano Struggle for Educational Self-Determination (Latino Communities : Emerging Voices in Political, Social, Cultural, and Legal Issues)
This work illuminates the founding and brief existence of Colegio Cesar Chavez , founded in the Pacific Northwest in 1973. The work is set within a national and regional context. Colegio Cesar Chavez holds a unique niche in Chicano social and educational history, due to its strong Chicano philosophical roots, alternative educational model, and geographical location. The work highlights the socio-political milieu and issues contributing to the rise and demise of this bold Chicano educational experiment. The history of Colegio Cesar Chavez tells the story of a Chicano struggle for educational and self determination."