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When Discourses Collide: ...
Author/Editor: Marianne Exum Lopez
ISBN: 0820441651
Year Published: 1999
Format: Paperback 
Description: The Full Title is: When Discourses Collide: An Ethnography of Migrant Children at Home and in School
When Discourses Collide examines the discourse systems of three fifth-grade migrant boys during an apple harvest season in south central Pennsylvania. The study is a critical ethnography that explores the lives of these children as they interact with their families, friends, teachers, and classmates. The book allows the reader to enter the homes of these children and get to know their families. It moves into the classroom and addresses the issue of how dominant mainstream discourses have a way of overpowering the discourses of marginalized children. Through countless examples, Dr. Lopez reveals discourse "collisions" that help to explain why schooling was such a frustrating experience for these boys, whose home language and culture did not reflect that of the mainstream.