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Adventures of Connie and Diego, The/Las aventuras de Connie y Diego
Author/Editor: Maria Garcia
ISBN: 0892391243
Year Published: 1994
Format: Paperback 
Description: This colorfully illustrated book, written about twins, Connie and Diego, is a "must" for young children. The illustrator creatively portrays the main characters as having skin that is made up of many colors-the twins don't feel that they belong in their family or community because they "look" different. Their friends make fun of them, and the twins run away. They encounter many different looking animals of different colors on their journey. Connie and Diego never are able to find anyone or anything that looks just like them. A tiger is able to make them realize that they are humans, regardless of their color. They are valuable to each other because of WHO they are-not because of what COLOR they are. A wonderful story for all youngsters! Reviewer: An Customer
Illustrated by Malaquias Montoya
Translated by Alma Flor Ada