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Cesar Chavez: The Struggle for Justice
Author/Editor: Richerd Griswold Del Castillo
ISBN: 1558485244
Year Published: 2002
Format: Hardcover 
Description: “With simple words and clear pictures, this large-sized bilingual picture-book biography introduces young readers to the Mexican American leader who led the labor struggle of migrant farm workers. On each double-page spread, the text appears on the left-hand page, first in English, then in Spanish; on the opposite page is a full-page painting. Beginning with Chavez's early childhood on his parents' farm in Arizona, the biography tells of the family's time as migrant workers during the Depression, and then of Chavez's long years working to organize the United Farm Workers and fight violence and discrimination. Inspired by Gandhi, Chavez always insisted on nonviolence, and the stirring pages show him on a hunger strike and leading labor strikes and boycotts. The tone is reverential, and there are no sources for those who want to know more. But history professor Griswold del Castillo brings home the story of the struggle led by a brave American worker who made a difference. A useful time line at the back summarizes Chavez's life and politics.” Hazel Rochman
Illustrated by Anthony Accardo