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Chavez and the Farm Workers
Author/Editor: Ronald B. Taylor
ISBN: 0807004995
Year Published: 1976
Format: Paperback 
Description: “Ronald Taylor, a California journalist who has written about rural America for many years, obviously admires Cesar Chavez and believes in the cause of the farm workers. But he has some reservations, and his book is by no means the adoring biography of an acolyte. In many ways, in fact, this book is not about Mr. Chavez at all. It is really a book about power – about what the author sees as the political power of corporate agriculture; about the unscrupulous use of power by the giant International Brotherhood of Teamsters to steal contracts from the United Farm Workers, and, finally about how Mr. Chavez and his associates have sought to acquire collective power for the field workers of California and the Southwest so they would be in a strong enough position to demand adequate wages and a minimally decent standard of living.” Philip Shabecoff, New York Times