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Rhetorical Career of Cesar Chavez, The
Author/Editor: John C. Hammerback
ISBN: 1585443026
Year Published: 2003
Format: Hardcover & Paperback 
Description: “As one of Chavez' former secretaries, it was interesting to see Cesar's very personal, conversational speaking style analyzed so diligently. In addition, readers see Cesar in the context of his work with farm workers and the general public, which he approached for support of the grape, lettuce, and other boycotts. While a plum piece of reading for academicians, it warrants reading by anyone interested in Cesar and his speaking style--such a person might find the work weighty and often repetitious. There's no question, though, nothing more thorough has been published about the man so far. The material is helpful for my own upcoming books on my friendship with Cesar.” reviewer
Co-Authored with Richard J. Jensen