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Fields of Courage: Remembering Cesar Chavez ...
Author/Editor: Susan Samuels Drake
ISBN: 0965257568
Year Published: 1999
Format: Paperback 
Description: Full Title: Fields of Courage: Remembering Cesar Chavez & the People Whose Labor Feeds Us
Susan Samuels Drake worked with Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers from the time of its inception in 1962. This collection of narrative poems recounts the history of the movement Chavez led, and Drake's complicated, committed participation in that movement. Luis Valdez, co-founder of El Teatro Campesino remarks that "Susan Drake's poetic portrait of Cisar reaches right to the essence of his greatness, his simple humanity...This is the common man, inspiring leader and unforgettable brother that lives in Susan's touching impressionistic portrait." Beginning "In The Fields," and continuing "In The Movement," during "Even Harder Times," and "On The Outside Looking In," this moving book ends "After He's Gone," exploring the legacy of Cisar Chavez.

“Most of us depend on farm workers--the people who plant, tend and harvest our food--more than anyone else. Fields of Courage prompts us to re-think our roles in the lives of people we repay for that great gift by keeping them in deplorable working and living conditions. Cesar Chavez passed away with the hope he could trust us to share responsibility for implementing his vision of justice in the fields and orchards. In our own small or large ways, we can find the courage to learn more and act.” reviewer