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Scholars in the Field: The Challenges of Migrant Education
Author/Editor: Cinthia Salinas
ISBN: 1-891677-23-3
Year Published: ???
Format: Unknown 
Description: Torn between a yearning to make their lives better and the demands of survival day to day, nearly 800,000 migrant children and their families journey across the United States each year. Guided by the seasons, the harvest, and rarely acknowledged commitment to education, migrants remain an invisible minority who need our vigilant and concerted commitment.
This book gathers the experiences and scholarship of some of the leading migrant educators in the United States to describe the struggles and resilience of these hard-working children and youth, and the challenges our communities and institutions must face to provide them with a coherent and high-quality education. The experiences of the authors in this volume illustrate how migrant education has evolved over time, how it is working and not working, and what remains to be done. The various programs and strategies discussed in this book constitute what are generally recognized as the most promising practices for improving migrant education.
Co-Edited with: María E. Fránquiz