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Resiliency and Success: Migrant Children in the U.S
Author/Editor: Encarnación Garza
ISBN: 1594510458
Year Published: 2005
Format: Paperback 
Description: With Pedro Reyes and Enrique T. Trueba

“This book elucidates the amazing life journeys of academically successful migrant students. Most literature on Hispanic students – especially the children of migrant farm workers who have been referred to as the ‘invisible children,’ or the children of ‘ghost workers’ – has focused on the sociocultural factors that have contributed to their low level of achievement, high attrition rates, and other academic failures. Such studies lead to a deficit model, portraying Hispanic children as deficient in a variety of ways, and through its negative focus perpetuates these failures.”

“Offering vivid case studies of successful students, this book offers a corrective, helping teachers, education students, and researchers understand the factors that lead to success in minority language children.” – Paradigm Publishers