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Dust Bowl Migrants in the American Imagination (Rural America)
Author/Editor: Charles J. Shindo
ISBN: 0700608109
Year Published: 1997
Format: Hardcover 
Description: More than any other event of the 1930s, the migration of thousands of jobless and dispossessed Americans from the Dust Bowl states to the "promised land" of California evokes the hardships and despair of the Great Depression. In this innovative new study, Charles Shindo shows how the public memory of that migration has been dominated not by academic historians but by a handful of artists and would-be reformers. The author “examines the images of Dust Bowl migrants in photography, fiction, film, and song.” He shows how photographer Dorothea Lange, novelist John Steinbeck, filmmaker John Ford and folksinger Woody Guthrie, as well as others, brought to the attention of the nation the “migrants’ plight.” The photographs included in the book are classics which graphically provide the viewer with stark images of the migrant workers of the dust bowl years.